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We were on a family trip to Chicago a few years back.  When we were walking one evening close to our hotel, just taking in the sights, we encountered a few homeless people.  One gentleman in particular touched our heart.  He sat close to our hotel and we would speak to him each morning.  He had kind eyes and always had a smile for us. We gave him money and food but we still felt like there was more we could have done.  

That visit to Chicago and that man's smile stayed with us.  We talked to our parents about what we could do to help the homeless.  After we talked a lot about it, we thought that it would be awesome to create a group for kids to help kids.  So, we started OGG, Inc.  

We help homeless and displaced kids by providing school supplies, clothes and fun, educational excursions.  We want them to know that their circumstances are temporary and don't define them.  They are special and they are loved. 

We are now a 501(3)(c)



Your TAX EXEMPT contributions will make all the difference in our ability to make a difference!  So, please donate today!

We are based on the metro Atlanta area.  We will have a membership as soon as it is safe - in the wake of COVID-19, so stay tuned!  In the mean time, you can donate to help our efforts! 

Our mission is simple.  We want to provide motivation and inspiration to homeless children by showing them that we care and believe in them.

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