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We are the Schembri Twins.  We are models, actors and founders of the 501(3)(c) nonprofit, Our Giving Group, Inc.  We will use this site and our social media pages to share cool things about our  our nonprofit work. 

We chose this particular focus because we have a passion for it.  We were touched in a recent experience while on family vacation and we've taken that experience and turned it into something that we can use to try and help people.

While we are just getting started, we plan to make this organization a big part of our work.  We are building a group for kids, to help kids.  


We are focusing on the metro Atlanta area to start, but who knows where tomorrow will take us!  We plan to open up OGG, Inc to new members as soon as we know more about when it is safe to do so in the wake of COVID-19

Peace, blessings & fairy dust,

Madeleine & Beverly-Claire Schembri

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